The People

Our Friends:

Brett– Lives right next door.  Has been a roommate of both Sinds and K-Peace. Always up for a good time, can occasionally be found with a parrot resting upon her shoulder.
D– Another neighbor. Comes from a small town we have referred to as Genovia.  Understands what a presumptuous pronoun is. Hardest person in the world to go shopping with.  Appreciates spontaneity. Enjoys trips to Montreal for frozen yogurt.
Homegirl– Understands the importance of the hibachi sushi restaurant visit on ones birthday. Can identify a satsuma. Gross produce- would never. Well dressed- always.
Alexandra– One may call her weird.  Full of great ideas, her twitter is just too funny. Go follow her now:
Neil- Sinds’ boyfriend slash child that she has to take care of.  Enjoys sneaks, high quality beer, and the Jets.
Salami-Our lanky yet extremely stylish friend.  Knows how to navigate the art of New York Sarcasm.  Wears a lot of scarves.
Coco– Director of all things funny. Up for anything, at anytime. Could probably use an extra shower here and there. Lives in a house with a goopy cat.

Hannah Lil- A hilarious, zumba-instructor bound, inappropriate, adderall fiend who loves great sex, showtunes, and hearing herself speak.

Floater- One of Sinds’ best friends from high school.  Got her name from when she drunkenly insisted she knew how to float at a party once.

Evening- Sinds’ roommate prior to KPeace.  Is a magical moon goddess.

AlDog/VDog/CDog- Sinds’ friends met while studying abroad in Auckland, NZ.  See here for further explanation.


2 responses to “The People

  1. This list of people is INSANE. Salami + scarves = perfect.

  2. i do love me some good sex.

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