About Us

We are K-Peace and Sinds

We’re roommates.  Our room is:

twinkle lights, stolen hats, picture frames, neon fish, seltzer & lemon juice, glow in the dark stars, beauty products, loud music

Our lives are fucking ridiculous.  We like to come home after a long day, sit on our beds, and reflect on what a JOKE our lives are.  Because they are anything but serious.  Actually, they’re quite the opposite.  Here’s what we mean: we’re juniors at the University of Vermont and don’t have very much responsibility other than schoolwork.  We do whatever makes us happy.  And as a result, funny things happen to us ALL. THE. TIME.  So when we say our lives are a joke, it’s a good thing.

Our lives are a JOKE.  And we hope yours are too.

K-Peace: California, glitter, anything new, self-timed pictures, Skinny Pancake, Wendy Foster, Frye boots, cuddling, frozen yogurt, to travel

Sinds: New York, fruit, old photographs, music mornings, Burlington Bagel, Zumba, puppies, red wine, matzo ball soup, sunny Saturdays, John Lennon

**disclaimer: the above pictures were all taken at theme parties.  we don’t actually dress like that on the reg.


One response to “About Us

  1. You both live in a room with snowflakes, you hot glue bedazzles to your American Apparel dresses, write in haikus, and throw a nasty pre-game. Jokes R Us. I love it.

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