Match me! Match me!

I can’t believe I have not blogged about my experiences yet. Boring is literally dangerous for me. I dream up and on occasion actually carry through with absurd ideas. For instance I recently decided I wanted a change and that change is going to be cutting my hair short for the first time since I was 5. And yes go out the next day and chop off 10 inches. Or in this case, join

So I made a profile, an entire blog dedicated to it- obviously didn’t follow through on that- and jumped in. And by jumped in, I mean I got a lot of emails, winks, “i’m interested in yous” and some chats. I responded to 3-4 emails but never got up the courage to actually go on a date. I have to say though- if you’re looking for an ego boost, this is the way to go. I recently found this in my inbox:

How freaking adorable is that? And like, I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read it. I still laugh. He wrote a poem for me, and used my favorite word! Yes, irregardless is a word.  If I was actually looking to find someone, he totally could have been my match. But because I’m not, well it’s just funny. And have now showed/read in my Dr. Suess voice (yes, I have a Dr. Suess voice) said poem to everyone I come in contact with.

PS- Just joined Okcupid, so much better.


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