Just Stalking…

“Most people who come here don’t like coffee”… the wise words of the Starbucks barista. People never cease to amaze me. I mean maybe she’s right. Who am I kidding, she’s not right. It’s a coffee shop. People come to get coffee. And hot chocolate in the summer? Find me a statistic.

Anyways. I’m sitting here in the corner, where I came to try and like make a summer “budget”, send some emails, pay utilities- you know grown up things. Instead I have been googleing my friends. Trying to figure out what the f&*% Google+ is and facebooking. I just found out Deirdre was student of the month once, Kate was a speaker at her graduation and was a really great basketball player and the names and ages of Sinds’ immediate family. Google is CREEPY. And it just turned me into creepy. Don’t even ask why I’m not working or doing something more productive with my time. I am basking in my last summer of freedom before REAL LIFE begins.

I’m currently trying to convince Brett to travel to Nantucket with me. And stay in a youth hostel. And pretend that we’re on an island in Europe. I’ll keep you posted.

My journies this summer have included:



Blue Ball, PA…

Intercourse, PA…

Sorry that I didn’t make it to Climax, PA or Virginville, PA.

I’m going to attempt and get back into this whole blogging thing- I realize I probably have said that everytime I have posted in the last 6 months. But this time I really and truly mean it.

Remember that time when Alexandra got hit on by a 17 year old. And then I found $20.


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