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Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Back in Burlington. TOO FUNNY. SO GREAT.

The fact that my life looks like this, is a whole different kind of joke.

I’m going to start by making a public apology to Sinds. Because I’m actually too embarrassed/scared/intimidated(?) to tweet/facebook/bbm her. Real Life. So the first night, real night, I was here and went out and saw all of my really pretty friends was at a sisterhood event (run onnn). Probably every other conversation went something like that:

Kpeace: Hiiiiii

Friend: “Oh my goshhhh, hiiii! You’re back”

Kpeace: EEEEEE

Friend 1: “Ahh I’m happy to see you. Now I just wish Sinds was back too.”

Friend 2: “Ahh is it weird that you’re here without Sinds? Don’t you miss her?”

Which in my slightly inebriated state made me 1-tear up once 2- tweet at Sinds 3- DM tweet at Sinds… leave my phone at home so proceed to 3- bbm her from someone else’s phone. Obnoxious much? Yes. Sorrrrrry. But like I’m drinking and obviously I miss her. So STOP REMINDING ME ,THANKS.

In light of this weekends events I am just going to have to make fun myself a little bit here. These pictures came from the above mentioned night. Which might clue you into why I had word vomit that night.

Then my little tried to make fun of me… and my big caught it on camera:

(my eyes are conveniently closed here again)

This weekend, I became a mother.

(JOKES. Actually, she’s 19. Not 4.)

Preface: We’re not from the backwoods I swear. I had an outing with Alexandra where we went to Davids Bridal to look for a groom prom dress. We had a conversation where these were the only two things that were said:

Kpeace: I kind of just want a beer right now.

Alexandra: So, do you still want to go to Goodwill?

I was hung over and we were looking for a wedding dress. I guess.

Then we went to look at this house:

If you can’t read this, it says: Cut Consumption, Not Foreskin. Oh Vermont. You are just so silly.

This picture wins the BEST PICTURE of the weekend: