Chicken Pox?


Guide: Why are your nails blue?

Me: Huh?

Guide: Why are your nails blue with chicken pox?

Me: They’re Polka dots.


So later this same day I was at a restaurant, having lunch with an engineer from Brazil (like what?). Anyways, I needed mustard and ketchup to go with my meal, which I promptly requested. The waitress arrived with this:

VOMIT. VOMIT. VOMIT. At least it photographs well? By the way, this was not me speaking bad Spanish. They didn’t have mustard or ketchup and she for some reason thought mayonnaise was a reasonable substitute. Or my worst nightmare.

The next tour I went on was a motorboat tour through some islands. Where we go to see Penguins, “Sea wolves” which turned out to be a bad Spanish translation for sea lions, and many other birds. Specifically, many seagull’s. At one point the boat broke down for a couple of minutes, and there we are stranded UNDERNEATH THIS:

We were all very nervous. But we got away unscathed. Thank someone.

A “my life is a joke moment”: On Monday I will travel for 18+ hours with no cell phone (yes, I managed to lose track of my trusty iPhone), no iPod and no books in English. In flight entertainment better be damn good. Or I could take advantage of the fact they aren’t big on requiring prescriptions here…

So I’m trying to keep the blog a float. But there are more “ohmygodisthatreal” moments than there are “mylifeisajoke” moments when you’re in one of the places where civilization kind of began.


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