Next year, I’m going to be a Shutter Bug.


Literally, My Idols

(yes I know its not real)

This picture is from a recent episode of One Tree Hill titled: Holding Out For a Hero.  Three grown woman grow bored; a freelancer, pregnant, and a new housewife. Obviously they decide to become super heroes and go as far as to get costumes and awesome names: Shutter Bug, B-Dazzled and Baby Momma. AH-MAZING. As my friends know, if I thought I could coerce you into doing this- I absolutely would. Remember this?

Shutterfly, a Little Late to The Game.

I recently received this personalized (they are amazingly good at that) email from Shutterfly. Don’t they know we already have wall art of ourselves?

My sister emailed me this morning with a link to a website called Knock Knock: We put the fun in functional. This is what I want.  I would post them EVERYWHERE.

Finally. The best and worst of them.  The screenshot would  actually be inappropriate for this blog. And I can’t stand looking at the ad, so I didn’t take one anyways. I think the blog term is “not appropriate for work”. So this ad keeps popping up in the side bar when I watch tv on channel 131. It says this in Spanish: “Desviste a quien quievas! Ahora podras ver bajo la ropa con tu celular. XRAY scanner v2.0. Click aqui. Escanea a la chica.” I cannot literally translate that for you, but it means something along the lines of being able to see under clothes with your cell phone. And then ‘scan the girl’. Effectively, an ad for a supposed phone app which would act as an xray and SEE YOU NAKED.  As you can imagine the picture illustrating this app lets you slide a fake phone over a girl and see her in various pairs of underwear.  Which freaks me out and often ends in my covering that part of the computer screen in a piece of paper or refreshing until the ad changes.  That is so NOT allowed in the US. And one would hope, a scam. People these days.

I just painted my nails and am now contemplating going to get my hair cut.  It is in desperate need of at least a trim.  But I don’t really speak “get your haircut Spanish”. So there could be a serious “lost in translation” moment and I could walk out with green permed hair.  It’s a risk. Thoughts?


One response to “Next year, I’m going to be a Shutter Bug.

  1. Avoid using the word “verde” and you’re golden. Or maybe also refrain from using the word “golden” and you’ll stay a brunette. Do that.

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