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Sir, where are your pants?

Disclaimer: this picture was in no way my idea, I did not have a clue what was going on until his arm was around me. WHERE ARE HIS PANTS? So awkward. So uncomfortable. But also ridiculously funny.

Sometimes, when there aren’t time for words… a picture is better anyways.


It’s A New Kind of Life

Life as I know/like/expect literally ceases to exist. I find myself eating raw fish, cooked seafood and meat every day. I don’t eat seafood. I have learned that there are a lot of things I don’t like but can eat. Then there are places I just refuse to go. Everyone has a limit. I have three: 1- no mayonnaise (I actually gag) 2- no pork (I just can’t) 3- I refuse to drink an alcoholic beverage without ice (I don’t even care if I get water poisoning). By all means feed me the cows heart and raw fish. Glad to know I have my priorities straight.

I now touch dogs:

If you read this blog or are one of my friends… you realize actually how absurd these pictures are.

I can get my legs waxed or my haircut for $7.20 each. I could get a manicure and a pedicure for $9.36 if I wasn’t scared of getting hepatitis.  I can get three fresh mini ciabatta roles for 13 CENTS.

I rarely go out due to drinks with frothed egg whites on the top and unwelcome kisses. I expect this to change drastically in Argentina. If not, well Vermont get ready. April 29th and I will be ready to 1- GO OUT GO OUT GO OUT 2- Eat Brie. Lots of Brie.

I go in the ocean (I’ve always been more of the read on the beach type) and things like this happen to me: I was diving under waves, splashing around with my host sister. We both went under one and the wave took us down. If you have any experience with this, you know the sheer panic you feel for the seconds you are tossed around under water. Unable to get yourself up, your feet tangling with whoever has gone under with you. The terror dissipates as soon as you come up, in this case I leaped up immediately laughing. Then I noticed a woman frantically waving her arms at me. I was confused, especially when she GRABBED her chest. And then it hit me. To my horror I looked down and realized my bikini top had slid completely down and there I was flashing the world. I quickly grabbed myself and died laughing while trying to simultaneously cover myself up and use hand signals to express my gratitude to the woman for making me aware.

I see cars like this on the street. Don’t even try and tell me anything like this exists at home.

I’m not taking classes while I’m here which means for the first time probably 15 years I have literally (probably the first time I have accurately used that word) ZERO RESPONSIBILITIES. Just travel, relax and have fun.

Sinds has apparently jumped ship on us. Ihopeit’sajoke.

ps- Have I mentioned that I actually look at cake, ice cream etc and think to myself “oh thank god, I could use the calories”. I am literally always hungry. They don’t eat breakfast, they “take” breakfast because it’s mostly liquids. They have a big lunch at 2, but my stomach is not big enough to eat all of my food for the day at once. And they eat leftover lunch for dinner (which I force myself to eat, but I am so not a leftovers person).