Life is Precious


I was in a rut. It had been three days since I had done anything productive. My mass media intake has gotten out of control. I have read 5 books, over 2000 pages. I have seen 7 movies in the theatre and watched over 50 TV Episodes in the last 20 days. It’s slightly sickening. Then Sinds posted about public transportation and I remembered to laugh. And later that night, Alexandra and Dee FaceTimed me. See this:

One of the best conversations of my life.

Life was good again. Obviously the first thing I did as I came out of my rut was to run to OfficeMax to buy a planner. Which I suppose is also embarrassing. But I am now all detailed and organized in my plans for nothingness. GREAT. Although I did just add to my calendar my final manicure appointment. And a couple birthday parties and a fundraiser. So busy.

The next thing I did was to revert to fun activities. It was Sunday morning and post a very full breakfast my dad and I began with shooting pellet guns. I literally shot 4 cans in a row and shot after shot, nothing knocked over. They just went straight through the dang cans. I was starting to get annoyed, and then on the 5th shot the can on top teetered right off. YES.

Next, I decided I just really needed candy. So we headed to the pier, where they have a delightful little candy shop. I got this:

And then I did this:

Right before doing this, while contemplating it, I was standing on the edge looking over. This little old man walks up to me and says “Life is too precious”. ARE YOU KIDDING? I am not sure what the eff he thought I was doing, but I was not about to harm myself. With my dad and candy in tow. It was really really weird. My life is a joke.


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