I’m the Green Hornet AND You’re the BLUE WOMBAT.


So, here I am. Out of school for going on 5 weeks now.  Still 2 weeks to go, before I depart for South America! It’s almost official; all that’s left is booking a plane ticket.  I am being way to casual about this whole adventure.  But anyways.  Why is my life a joke today? Well. My point with the out of school thing is that I have too much time on my hands. And if you haven’t gathered by now, I like doing new things. Well I just like doing things period.

On Monday, this happened:

Yes, the photographer told me to “give her a presidential wave” as I boarded an old Air Force One and I (after insisting to my father I absolutely would not) found myself agreeing and almost on instinct just doing what she said.  One day, I’m going to be the President. No, but really, I am.

On Tuesday, this happened:

See that weird guy in the background? Well A- I have no idea who he is. B- He is in 3 out of the 4 self timered photos.  WAY TO RUIN MY PICTURE. No, you’re not funny. You’re creepy. And yes, that is my grandmother on this thing called a “Surry”.  Don’t worry that for my 4th grade birthday we rented two of them that have three rows (quickly in your head- picture nine 9 year olds on a bigger version of this).  It was dangerous, and yes someone drove off the bike path and it tipped over. And yes someone’s foot got caught in the wheel and started bleeding.

And finally today, this happened:

See that tiny person spreading their arms, yup that’s me. In a movie theatre that seats 2000 PEOPLE. Notice how there is not one other person in the theatre? YUP.  Went to see the Green Hornet with my dad, and we were the only people in the theatre for the 10 minutes before it started.  So I ran up and down the aisles, while my dad yelled instead of speaking “just because I can”. I think a couple and single man showed up right before the movie started.  Obviously this movie is not doing so well? Or people don’t see movies on Wednesday’s who knows.

I am sure that my most searched terms would go something like this: activities in Burlington Vermont, winter activities in Burlington, summer activities in Burlington, activities in Santa Barbara, activities in Stowe, Vermont, activities in NYC, activities, snow activities, winter activities. Top 10 things to do well you can fill in the blank.

Wanna hang out?


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