I wanna talk about the food.


Ok so. We have this blog called “ourlifeisajoke” but generally it’s my (kpeace) life is a joke or her (sinds) life is a joke. But this time, it really is ourlifeisajoke. I journeyed across time zones, stopping for 48 hours in Genovia to visit Dee and then on to spend a week with Sinds in New City. There are many things I could discuss, but I’ve decided to keep it to the food. Mostly.

I arrived on Saturday, where after promptly creating an itinerary we headed to dinner with Papa Nick and Les. It was a stressful event for all involved. It began with crazy neighbors who proceeded to ask the waitress if she was going to be their “fetcher”? Like you know, go FETCH the food. The waitress laughed and hesitantly agreed she would in fact “fetch” for them. So rude.  There appeared to be multiple fires in the kitchen, we were all a little nervous we were going to leave smelling like campfire. Les got a piece of charred salmon. Someone suggested we walk out. Suffice to say, that restaurant was crossed off the list. Forever.

Sunday evening Sinds and I headed to the movies.  We went to the Palisades Mall (?) which in and of itself is a joke of an experience. Anyways, we got to the theatre and bought snacks. We are waiting for the movie to start, eating our food.  I am eating extreme rainbow sour strips.  They have 5 different color strips which make up one whole strip.  I am sitting there, tearing the strips off, one by one. Eating each color INDIVIDUALLY. I look over and see Sinds picking out her popcorn, kernel by kernel.  Eating one piece of popcorn at a time. Literally, are we kidding? OCD much?

Then Monday came; we went into the city ( a story in itself). The sole purpose of our trip: Dylan’s Candy Bar and Pinkberry. I’m not joking, that was all.

The Cake. So there was this big snow storm coming, it was starting to feel like the world was going to end. We headed to the grocery store on Tuesday, to a- make sure we had enough food for Wednesday (people were really stocking up for this big storm) and b- get supplies for our snow day activity. We decided that we would bake a cake and frosting FROM SCRATCH. Come Wednesday we baked the cake without too much struggle.  Except then we had to wait for it to cool. This was really hard for both of us.  We paced. We sat at the table and just stared at the cake. Waited and waited for it to be cool enough to frost. We resorted to this:




It still didn’t work.  So we decided it was time for a diversion.  I googled “snow activities” and promptly decided we would create a snow rainbow.  This involved mixing food coloring with water in a spray bottle. Putting our boots and coat on. Trekking out to the front of the house.  Spraying the color. Then trekking back inside, ditch the coat and boots. Mix the next color and do it all over again. We did this 5 times.  In the middle of all this, we decided to bring the cakes outside and leave them there while we were making our rainbow.

Rainbow and Cakes!


Finally, we finished this masterpiece:




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