The Way We Are

The tragedies of our generation? So as you have gathered by now, I spent the last semester living in my sorority house with Sinds and 13 other girls. I think it is fair to say that we have a certain way about us. The way we act, speak, what we think is appropriate etc. I am slowly figuring out that these things are just not acceptable out in the “real world”. I have also discovered over the years (because I have so many “years” to speak of) that I am very malleable. I take on other behaviors, I feed off of peoples “energy” so to speak. So I am quick to pick up these habits, clothing styles, speaking mannerisms etc etc. I think it’s funny, some people don’t. My life is a joke, so they should just get over it. Here goes…

Saying things such as “Like, no” to your parent’s maybe isn’t the best idea. Or as Dee found out if you say something such as “things are about to get similar” to your professor, well you might get a weird look.

Narcissistic behaviors– don’t really fly with a lot of people. Talking about how you’re skinnier than her, or have better clothes than her… or are just simply better than her. Makes people think you are straight up bitchy. So unless you are inside my old 12 by 12 box, or your own 4 walls. Consider keeping your mouth shut.

When you get really excited and the noise that comes out of your mouth is “eeeeeeeeee,” I think people just stand there and stare. Waiting for what’s next. If the awkward silence continues for long, I follow it up with a “that’s all”.

When someone is in the middle of speaking, and all of the sudden you interrupt with a “STOOOOOOOOP”. They think you are rude. It doesn’t even matter if they are talking about something gross, inappropriate, or literally crazy. They just don’t get it. Another thing not socially acceptable; the use of BYE. Just because you don’t like what they are saying, you don’t get to end the conversation with a BYE. That goes for texting, email, facebook conversations as well.

Other words in our vocabulary. Everything is LITERALLY. I will admit though, no, she did not literally bite me. Many of my sentences begin with theoretically (hey, until its done, it’s all theoretical). Theoretically, she could have. Casual. I am “casually” drinking, or “casually” going on a run, or even “casually” making new friends. Why, why is it all so casual, why are we so casual? I will never know.

Cream cheese and chips or cream cheese and anything is simply not a food group. Or even something that should be eaten ever.

See if you can keep up with all that.

As always, remember: our life is a joke. We don’t take any of it seriously. The mysterious we.


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