You Have Been Knighted.


Sinds beat me to it.  Literally, I had a post all typed up and ready to go- sans pictures. It involved the trip to Stowe, the last night in the Sorority House and some other miscellaneous events.  The pictures were finally facebooked today. I had every intention of adding the pictures and then posting tonight. I get to the home page and she had already done it.  I wish I was joking when I say I got a little annoyed. Yes, I got annoyed because she blogged first. Hahahahahaha. So immature. Then I contemplated just posting anyways, but decided that would be straight up stupid.  So I here goes attempt #2. Which yes, I will wait until tomorrow to post. This is not a competition.

I’m going to start with I DID HAVE FINALS.  And it was really hard to concentrate as my roommate gallivanted around Burlington doing whatever she wanted.  But I survived, barely.  A few tears here and there, many laughs and consant delerium. Anyways on to funnier things.

Everywhere I  (KPeace) go, we (Sinds and KPeace) are. Literally.  Our Christmas card seems to be on display everywhere.  On campus, off campus, The Sorority, Family in Maine and I have a sneaking suspicion I will have many more encounters with it as I arrive on the west coast.  So I will now show you our card:

Here’s the thing. It wasn’t supposed to make you go “oooooh how cute”.  It was supposed to make you laugh. It’s funny. WE’RE FUNNY. Not cute.

About this Super-Duty Truck.  Approximately two weeks ago I spent 12 hours in the car.  Drove to Maine, switched my car for my cousins truck.  Managed to be driven off the road by a Semi-Truck on my way there. I hysterically cried for 10 minutes and then had to just keep going.  This was all in the first snow-storm of the year.  You might be asking yourself why this is funny.  Well check out Exhibit A (my car) and Exhibit B (the borrowed car).  Basically I went from peanut to russet potato… cool analogy KP.

Exhibit A- My "Peanut"

Exhibit B- My "Potato"


I performed a knighting ceremony on Alexandra this week… all you really need is the pictures for this.

I Here By Dub Theee

Wearer of the Stolen Fraternity Letters Hat

That is all.

Moving out by myself.  Have you ever done such a thing. Ok you probably have. Well I have not.  And let me tell you, next time I’m calling the courier. I think every other word out of my mouth was “F*&$” this. I can’t believe I am doing this.  Is this a joke? Why is it never ending?  Alexandra provided some much needed assistance in carrying boxes down to the truck and helping reduce the size of the wardrobe I was brining home.  I think I might have died without her (ok, that was a bit melodramatic I realize).

Now I am up in Maine, in a large empty house. The TV has miraculously “lost signal” and I am alone with TWO DOGS AND A CAT.  I do not like animals. Thanks. I seriously contemplated driving the 6  hours to visit  Sinds for like 36 hours before departing for California.  But decided that was maybe a little desperate (we have literally been separated for like 24 hours) and that I will make that Journey in early 2011. Just imagine the post that will come from that.

Addendum: I “ordered” a psychic reading, to be delivered to my email inbox.  I just took the time to start reading it.  Here is an excerpt from what I read: “Of course you’ve had a few happy moments at certain times in your life. But you know that you have generally been lacking in luck in many important areas of your life. Isn’t that so?”. And here goes f-bomb #2. F*&% you Tara.  That is just rude.  I like my life and it is full of luck, happiness and LAUGHTER. More than you can probably say.  Ok maybe an overreaction but I did not enjoy that. I obviously did not read anything past that.  It must have been a joke.


2 responses to “You Have Been Knighted.

  1. Never accept a psychic reading from a person named “Tara.” So stereotypical; your grandmother would agree– I’d like a post about Star, please. Let me know if you need/want more pics from the knighting/daming/cornflake scenario–they exist, as do photos from Tight&Bright. Baby would also love a shoutout/FB page, if you’re interested. Otherwise, LOVE BLOG. Can’t beliebe how long it took to leave 369. Or how messy it was. Cannot beliebe it. C U in Africa/NYC/DC/
    Burlington/errywhere else. lub lub, AXNDRA

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