Just a little Spoiled…


My list of fantastic holiday gifts- mostly things you should be putting on your list, but the occasional gift you could give as well. I wish you an absolutely wonderful holiday season! It truly is the best time of year.


Overnight Lobsters!

So the best gift I have given this season has obviously been Lobsters.  It was my mother’s birthday on December 2nd and I had this idea.  She was in California and I in Vermont; naturally the best idea was to ship fresh Maine lobsters to her! I used this service and they were fantastic.  I realize it may be a bit silly, but my life is a joke, so what can I say.

Flying Carpet!

So I will be living off campus in an apartment next year, naturally I have begun looking for objects that will enhance this living space.  If you are looking for something to spice up your child’s room, or your own room, or even the library we all wish we had.  This is what you need. A flying carpet, obviously.

Pretty and Privileged OPI.

This is my new favorite color of polish, and no not just because of the name.  It is the absolute best holiday red I have ever found.  It will also be a great winter color.  This makes it a fabulous stocking stuffer, or perfect for one night of that Secret Santa week you have to participate in.

The Widow Cliquot

For the hostess of that great (or not so great) holiday party you attend every year.  Who can resist a little Veuve. This one comes in a nice gift box- and it’s even on sale.


This is a gift of pure luxery.  Jules Allen makes to die for cashmere: scarves, sweaters, pants etc. This is the perfect gift for your sister, girlfriend, wife, mother… really any female.  They will love you for it. I personally recommend the long sweater, it fits well under long coats, but can also be worn around the house with pajamas.

Life size YOU.

So, as you may have seen before Sinds and I have this giant poster of ourselves.  So for your best friend, roommate, sibling or anyone who you are obsessed with or hey who is obsessed with you… you can get a giant poster.  Shutterfly will print these on paper, or if you feel like being a big spender on a canvas.  This would also make a great gift for your mother if your family happened to have a photoshoot this year.

Aquarium End Tables

So, back to the whole “enhancing my living space” concept.  I want these.  But they are also perfect for anyone who is into fish.  Or just simply likes to be classified as “quirky” or unique.  It may be a bit far-fetched, but just so fantastic.  Also, they come from skymall- one of life’s best creations.

So decadent.

Did you visit someone for thanksgiving, did they have you over for a nice dinner?  Whoever you need to thank for whatever great thing they did for you. Do you need to send your mother-in-law a pre Christmas visit gift?  Well than, this is exactly what you need! Whether or not you choose chocolate strawberries or some other scrumptious edible arrangement, they are all to die for.  I have both given and received these treats, and trust me they are always received well.

Every girl needs a pair of glitter heels.

So it is starting to occur to me that this list is turning into a list of my favorite things, but oh well.  These shoes are just SO much fun. I kind of feel like tinkerbell when I wear them. I have a pair with a slightly shorter heel which I recently wore to a sorority formal and I just loved them. These should absolutely be on your list of wants.

Live performance.

I have never wanted anything more than I want this.  Ok that is definitely not true. But honestly, who doesn’t want a singing telegram at some point in their life.  They legit have every character you could want.  So if you have a friend with a great sense of humor, or a sibling you are always trying to embarrass/outdo, I highly suggest you order this NOW.

These may not be the most helpful gift ideas, but think about life with each and every one of them.  It would be just a little bit better.  In some cases, a lot better!


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