Briefing Sinds on the News…

So we have these fairly long Tuesday’s. Sinds and I. I have my internship from 8:30am-5pm.  She has had either student teaching or class from 8:30am-3:30pm. Anyways I was trying to find a way to handle my boredom today. One of my tasks was to go through newspapers and find case-related articles.  This generally provides me with all sorts of interesting “tid-bits”.  I thought I would share today’s conversation, so you too can be knowledgeable on these ever so important topics [JOKES].

KPEACE: Breaking News: Retired dentist brought 5 lbs of gold teeth he had collected during his career to one of those xpo things and got over $30,000.  Really people, are you serious? So Gross.

SINDS: Hahahahahahahahaha omggggg

KPEACE: Also in the news, a man on trial for BEHEADING his wife. In Buffalo, NY.

SINDS: Oh true I forgot that its 1658

KPEACE: And my final tid bit of the morning. I forgot to tell you that I made Claire and Emily taste the lemon dessert hand creme. We discovered it numbs your tongue.

SINDS: hahahahahahahaaha omg stop. Loving these tidbits.

KPEACE: Good cause they will likely continue throughout the day I’m trying to make it look like I’m doing work

SINDS: Hahaha good I can’t wait

KPEACE: In the most wanted gifts for season: Justin Bieber dolls. All sorts of different outfits and accessories available.  And I can’t forget to mention the pecks.

SINDS: Hahahaha wowzaaaaa

KPEACE: Random acts of kindness: in Charlotte, NC a group of “secret santas” give out $100 hand shakes.  People withdraw thousands of dollars from their personal bank accounts and wander around town giving out handshakes to anyone who looks like they could use some help… In the handshake is a $100 bill.

SINDS: I just choked up a lil

KPEACE: There are still good people in this world

KPEACE: Two words: Goodwill OUTLET

SINDS: Ew where!!

KPEACE: I googled it and all over apparently. One of the reviews suggests you wear latex gloves while shopping.

SINDS: hahahaha stop

KPEACE: Well my phone is obviously about to die but I wanted to leave you with one final story. Further proof why no one should like dogs.

KPEACE: Biting dog diverts flight. A small dog jumps out of its cage while on a flight to Arizona. Bites a passenger and flight attendant which forces a captain to make an emergency landing  in Pittsburgh.


Clearly, I have my priorities straight.


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