It just wasn’t the first time.

So I was sitting here uploading pictures from this weekend when I discovered something. It continues to confirm what I’ve been saying all along. Mylifeisajoke.  So remember that photo shoot Sinds and I had? Here I was thinking it was something new.  And creative.  Nope.  Apparently I pull this move on a regular basis.  It appears that I force my friends into self-timered photoshoots whenever I feel like it.

Exhibit A (Formal)


You might think this is candid. It's not. Completely staged.

Exhibit B (Holiday Party)

Always on top.

Exhibit C (Yup, made us pull over on the way to dinner get out of the car and take pictures on the side of the road.)

Cover for our own tv show.

Exhibit D (A birthday party in high school)

Literally hung a painted background for the purpose of pictures.

It’s times like these where I realize how much fun I really have… and how indulgent my friends are. Thank goodness.


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