Que the Separation Anxiety


Sooooo… it’s Thanksgiving break.  Kpeace left our abode on Friday afternoon and is currently posted up in a little town outside Chicago, that I affectionately like to refer to as “Genovia.”  She’s staying with D.  I arrived at my home in New York less than 24 hours ago and I’m already suffering.  Hard.

I just miss her so much.

So here I sit, alone with a glass of wine, and reflect on the shenanigans my roommate and I have been up to in recent days.  There’s one that stands out above the rest.  THE TIME WE SET UP A STUDIO IN OUR BASEMENT AND HAD A PHOTOSHOOT.

One day we went to Rite Aid to buy deodorant.  We ended up leaving with two boxes of twinkle lights, a sparkly (duh) “Happy Holidays” wall hanging, a box of 12 clear plastic snowflakes, and a box of 6 SPARKLY (duh) blue snowflakes.  As we were leaving KP and I turned, looked each other in the eye, and said in unison- “WE SHOULD SEND OUT HOLIDAY CARDS!”

So the next day, we woke up, turned on the James Taylor station on Pandora, and scoured Shutterfy.com for le perfect template.  The possibilites were VIRTUALLY (ew I hate that word) ENDLESS.  First of all, KP has the word Peace in her name and I have the word Hope in my name so we could’ve done a Peace&Hope theme.  Cards with glitter, cards with one picture, cards with several pictures, cards with poems, cards with snowflakes, serious cards, spiritual cards, cute cards, funny cards.  Come on.  But before we made any decisions, we had to pick what picture we were going to use.  Because obviously the card would have to include at least one picture of us.

Sunday night we casually headed downstairs to our chapter room with white sheets, outfit changes, and props in tow.  We hung up the sheets to create our “studio.”

Next we searched the sorority house for the perfect photographer and director for the shoot.  God knows the PERFECT people were Homegirl and Coco, because they’re two of our FAVESIES and bloggers as well!

First we took a series of cheesey, Mary-Kate and Ashley style pics.  Wait, like, if you think YOUR life is a joke get ready for these pictures because things get absurd.

DYING.  Then we had our outfit change.  Oh yeah, it gets better.  Or worse.  Depending on how you look at it.

Then it got serious for a  second.

A little too serious.  So we added glittery snowflake props.  Gotta stay joking.

Finally, Coco tries to pretend I’m pregnant?  Awkwardfamilyphotos.com style.

Like, negative.  So there you have it.  The highlights of our casual Sunday night photoshoot.  Literally.  TRY AND STOP US.

P.S. Obviously, we designed and ordered 100 copies of our holiday cards but we’re not posting them yet as to not ruin the surprise for those of you who will be getting one in the mail!  EEEEE!


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