Where Art Thou Pizza Man?



Alright, so about this whole pizza party Sinds mentioned. First, I will be referencing the handy little map I created in my re-telling of this ridiculous event. It begins with a trip to the Davis Center to pick up a check from our VP Finance.  We are on our way back to Phi Beta Pi where the pizza is being delivered when we get a phone call (6:10pm) saying the pizza is already there.  Except it was not supposed to get there until 6:20pm.  So we rush back to the house, only to get there and find out that Brett sent him away to go do one of his other deliveries.  So we wait, and the pizza arrives again.  I am headed out the door at this point, but notice the small quantity of pizza guy #1 appears to have.  When arriving 20 minutes later, Sinds tells me he only showed up with 2 pizzas, instead of the 10 she ordered. There are like 45 girls waiting for Pizza at the moment. So she is waiting for them to show up with the rest of her order.  They call at 6:45 saying the pizza will be there in 15 minutes.

At this point we are in the start position on the map. At 6:55 we head to 1, where we wait until 7:05 when it begins to rain on us- obviously I am not wearing a jacket.  We seek shelter in 2.  Around 7:10 guy #2 calls and says he is pulling in, should be here in 30 seconds.  We wait two minutes and then walk to 3 thinking he may be in a another lot. Sinds calls him and cannot figure out where he his, hands the phone to me and I start arguing with him.  Apparently one of our sisters hears him and says she knows where the pizza goes, I say ok I will be there in ONE MINUTE.  We walk to 4 still looking for the guy #2, but see no sign of him.  In a last ditch effort we walk to 5 and hurray see the pizza guys car! OH BUT WAIT, OF COURSE HE IS NOT IN THE EFFING CAR. Car running, door open, music on, BUT NO PIZZA GUY:

Like, where are you?

We just stand there for a second and then try and figure out where he went.  Sinds gets a text from the sister that had found him earlier, saying she brought him to the room but they don’t have the check so can she please come upstairs.

Still can't find you.

What a joke. Sooo we attempt to get upstairs back to everybody, and conveniently end up in 6 (it is around 7:25 by now). Turn around, we are walking very quickly at this point, and finally find our way back to the room or “end” on the map. Guess what? Yeah that’s right, the pizza guy has gone back to his car. He finally comes back AGAIN, Sinds gives him a check, he knocks some pizza over and practically runs out.

Yup, he knocked that pizza over.

My goodness, what an ordeal. But we finally get to eat pizza, which may or may not have tasted like coconut? Which Sinds is allergic to.  As we are eating, our conversation goes something like this:

K-Peace: Do you think we are creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” with this blog? Are we turning our lives into a joke?

Sinds: Nope. No, our lives have always been like this. (See her last post)

Our life is a joke. But, I have my pizza now.

Here I am thinking the absurdity is over.  Get back to my car as the little old man is putting a parking ticket on the windshield. But its raining, I’m not wearing a jacket and hes little and old, so obviously I am not going to argue.  I then proceed to “risk it” and head down one of those DO NOT ENTER roads- something I actually never do- and all of the sudden a ton of cars are coming at me.  I attempt to cut across this dirt divider only to discover the other lane is also a one way coming at me.  So I wait. And reflect on WHAT A JOKE my life is.


One response to “Where Art Thou Pizza Man?

  1. Just read all your posts – you guys crack me up! My life is often a joke too. I will definitely be following your blog. 🙂

    ~ Catherine

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