How It All Began.


I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion but today it was confirmed.

I walked into my daily Zumba class, wearing my hot pink spandex shorts, and began my workout.  I was smiling, bopping to the beat, when all of a sudden my beloved Puerto Rican Zumba instructor pulled a fast one on me.  HE MADE US ALL TURN AROUND SO THE BACK ROW WAS THE FRONT ROW AND THE FRONT ROW WAS THE BACK.  What.  The.  Fuck.  Are you
kidding me?  You can’t just change it like that.  There’s not even a mirror in the back of the class.  And then it hit me.  Did I just get upset about that?  My life is a JOKE.

It’s not even really about the Zumba.  Once that happened I couldn’t get it out of my head.  My life is literally a joke.  When I tell
people that I can’t hang out I’m SOOOO busy, what it means is that I spent too much time looking at blogs and so now I’m backed up and I have to go buy decorations for my sorority mixers because I’m the social chair and UGH I have a one page paper to write FUCK.

Oh, that’s another thing.  I’m an elementary education major.  Which means that my classes aren’t the most difficult.  Time consuming, yes.  Difficult, no.  I student teach.  That’s probably the most “serious” thing in my life at the moment.  But in actuality I go in and love every second of it and laugh at/with my third graders and secretly love being free of my Berry for seven hours.

ANYWAY, when I realized my life is one huge comedy, I decided to consult my roommate K-Peace.

Sinds: Basically you and I are starting a blog called my life is a
joke.  But we’re gonna pull a Homegirl and not tell anyone at first
K-Peace: Great plan.  That can be a this weekend we are too hungover
to function project.  Did something specific spark this plan?
Sinds: YES.  The realization that my life is ACTUALLY a joke.
K-Peace: Hahahaha life is literally a joke.  Someone is definitely out
there just laughing at all of us.
K-Peace: Let’s make a list of things to do that don’t involve leaving
our beds.


As I woke up on Tuesday morning, the day after my 20th birthday and the weekend following 4 nights of Halloween, I opted not to take a shower in the interest of 20 more minutes of sleep. While attempting to not wake Sinds up, I get ready in the dark. I finally get out the door and arrive at my internship only to discover that I still have remnants of this weekends costume lingering. Glitter. Otherwise known as the herpes of the craft world. It was just not going away. I got to do court runs, observe cases and speak with attorneys knowing my face and hair was slightly sparkling. I resembled that 7-year-old girl who has just finished making her valentines. Or likely the college kid who went out one too many nights- I suppose I am fooling myself if I think they didn’t know.

After coming to the to the conclusion that our life is a joke I am constantly on the look out for these moments. Such as when I called a cab the other morning and a 15 passenger van showed up for me- just me. Or when my friends think it is appropriate to get me books titled “Sexual Hunger” and “Glitter Baby” for my birthday. Or when we get locked out of our room that has no key or even keyhole.

In conclusion, it is really these moments that make this life, the life.  I believe I once may have stated, “who wouldn’t want to be us”?



2 responses to “How It All Began.

  1. You guys succeeded in pulling a Homegirl. Congrats. Your lives are jokes.

  2. PS: I started a new blog for fun.

    You can go shave your back now,

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